TargetTab Wireless Ingestible Capsule


TargetTab™ is an ingestible capsule for wireless, targeted drug delivery utilizing the SmartTab Platform. Opening doors to effective drug delivery and better patient outcomes. 

Prescription Drug Delivery

TargetTab™ has passed successful pre-clinical animal studies and is moving towards human studies within the year.

Wireless Power and Control

TargetTab™ communicates with patients’ mobile devices with no onboard batteries and includes proprietary smart polymer technology for the actuation/release system.

Targeted Drug Delivery

TargetTab™ will give people the ability to precisely deliver medication in the right place at the right time, transforming medicine and personalizing delivery for patients.

Real-time Monitoring

TargetTab™ expands what is possible for the delivery of therapeutics. The patients can monitor the capsule and release it when and where they need it most.

Integration with Internet of Medical Things

TargetTab™ interfaces with custom and current wearable and monitoring technology to interact with Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) Healthcare Systems and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

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The Future of Drug Delivery

Day by day, we keep pushing and making great progress. The pre-clinical animal study certainly was a large milestone. We'll have another milestone coming up this year with additional studies.  10 years from now, you'll walk into a pharmacy, most all tablets, capsules will have some type of electronic system. This is a paradigm shift. As the world is changing around us we continue to keep our eye on a steady path to commercialization.